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Now's The Time To Change Your Nissan's Oil

Nissan owners likely bought their vehicles because they appreciate quality performance and reliability. Nissan owners must do their part by bringing their cars, trucks, and other models to a service center for an oil change. At Twin City Nissan, our team can handle oil changes and a lot more.

Oil and the Odometer Reading

Check your owner's manual to determine the mileage point in which the oil should be changed. In modern cars, 5,000 to 7,000 miles between changes is average, especially for Alcoa, TN drivers. Try to change the oil at the exact mileage point suggested by the manufacturer. Running an engine with dirty oil can lead to sludge buildup and worse. Now, if you do have sludge right now, we can clean the engine out.

Age and Oil

Oil only lasts so long before it loses viscosity. Be aware that even if you don't drive your car, the oil still breaks down. Engine circulation alone is not what wears down on the oil-age causes oil to break down, too. Generally, the oil should be changed around the six-month mark after driving around Knoxville. Old oil is not beneficial to a new or used Nissan.

A Chance to Check Out the Car and Perform Other Services

An oil change gives Nissan owners a chance to request other services, such as changing the air filter, rotating the tires, and performing a brake inspection near Sevierville. Asking for a multi-point inspection could be a good idea. This way, the technicians can determine if your tires, belts, hoses, fluids, and more are in good shape. Maybe they can road test the car, too.

Always stay on top of service in the Pigeon Forge region. Doing so could save time and money.

Appointments and Specials

At our dealership near Maryville, TN, the service technicians want to do the best job possible on your Nissan. They'll change the oil properly and promptly. Schedule an appointment right away to bring your vehicle in for an oil change.

We also encourage you to check out the current specials available. Save money on a variety of service packages when you bring in your Nissan.


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